January 2012 Contest -- Final Results

The USACO 2012 January Contest featured algorithmic programming problems covering a wide range of techniques and levels of difficulty. Click here to see the contest problems and solutions.

A total of 846 participants competed, from 63 different countries:

 346 USA  58 CHN  40 IRN  38 VNM  24 BLR  21 RUS  20 KAZ  17 ROU
  16 UKR  16 GEO  16 CAN  15 MEX  15 ITA  13 TUR  13 IDN  10 TWN
  10 DEU   9 GRC   9 BGD   8 YUG   8 TKM   8 SRB   8 HKG   7 BGR
   6 LVA   5 KOR   5 HRV   5 AZE   5 ARM   4 VEN   4 TJK   4 POL
   4 MKD   4 IND   4 FRA   4 EGY   4 CUB   4 COL   4 AUS   3 ZAF
   3 LTU   3 DOM   2 SGP   2 PER   2 GBR   2 DNK   2 CZE   1 SYR
   1 SWE   1 SVK   1 PRT   1 PHL   1 NZL   1 MOZ   1 LUX   1 JPN
   1 ISL   1 IRL   1 EST   1 ESP   1 BRA   1 BEN   1 AUT

The average participant submitted solutions for 2.5 problems. In total, there were 2078 graded submissions, broken down by language as follows:

 1227 C++
  542 Java
  215 Pascal
   50 C
   44 Python

Gold Division Results

The Gold division had 122 total participants, of whom 74 were pre-college students.

Full Gold Results

This round of gold problems was quite tricky. In the pre-college category, we have a 3-way tie for the top place between Scott Wu, Gennady Korotkevich, and Johnny Ho, and in the observer category, we have 3 perfect scores from Adam Karczmarz, Thomas Fersch, and Yaroslav Tverdokhlib. Congratulations to these remarkable problem solvers, and to all others who placed highly in such a difficult contest! I'm particularly proud to see 3 USA competitors in the top 4!

The top ten pre-college participants in the gold divison are:

Country   Grad   Name Score
USA  2015    Scott Wu967
BLR  2012    Gennady Korotkevich967
USA  2013    Johnny Ho967
USA  2012    Alex Chen933
BLR  2013    Sergey Kulik833
CHN  2015    Yuetong Wang800
CHN  2013    Wang Ruosong800
RUS  2012    Ivan Lakhtanov800
IRN  2013    SeyedHamed Valizadeh767
CHN  2012    Martin Token767

The top ten observers are:

Country   Name Score
POLAdam Karczmarz1000
DEUThomas Fersch1000
UKRYaroslav Tverdokhlib1000
CHNBai Ge967
VNMVuongLinh Nguyen933
HRVLovro Puzar933
BGDNazmul Hasan900
CANJacob Plachta900
UKRIvan Zdomsky833
BLREugene Gritskevich800

Silver Division Results

The silver division saw 189 total participants, of whom 156 were pre-college students.

Full Silver Results

Like the gold problems, the silver problems were also quite challenging. Four pre-college students (Simon Mauras, Yuguan Chen, Yunhao Huang, and Shenghan Gao) and four observers (AndersRoy Christiansen, Gert Hansen, PakHay Chan, and Andrew Haigh) received perfect scores. Congratulations to you all! The top ten scores in the pre-college group are:

Country   Grad   Name Score
FRA  2012    Simon Mauras1000
CHN  2014    Yuguan Chen1000
CHN  2015    Yunhao Huang1000
CHN  2013    Shenghan Gao1000
IRN  2013    Hooman Hashemi976
VNM  2013    Dat Duong929
CHN  2015    Huang Taoan905
USA  2014    Stanley Cen905
USA  2014    Jerry Ma881
CHN  2013    Pu Chen881

The top ten observers are:

Country   Name Score
DNKAndersRoy Christiansen1000
DNKGert Hansen1000
HKGPakHay Chan1000
AUSAndrew Haigh1000
VNMMinh-Hoang Le900
CHNTianyu Lou800
RUSMaksim Banin667
CHNSong Anliang667
ZAFAshraf Moolla657
USACheng Pan567

All participants who obtained full marks on at least two problems will be automatically promoted to the gold division for the next contest.

Bronze Division Results

A total of 552 participants competed in the bronze division, 436 of them pre-college students.

Full Bronze Results

Congratulations to the 40 pre-college students and 14 observers with perfect scores! The pre-college bronze winners are:

Country   Grad   Name
KAZ  2013    Rustam Azimov
SRB  2013    Nikola Klipa
VNM  2013    Phuoc Dat Nguyen
RUS  2013    Dmitry Gorbunov
VNM  2013    Nhat Tran
ROU  2014    Mihai Gheorghe
LTU  2013    Marius Latinis
KOR  2016    Jeong JongKwang
USA  2012    Brian Wai
RUS  2012    Nikolay Mischenko
DEU  2012    Maximilian J
RUS  2013    Vladislav Tyulbashev
USA  2013    Thomas Schultz
AUS  2012    Darren Shen
TWN  2013    Andrew Lai
RUS  2012    Vlad Chabanenko
TJK  2015    Abdukodir Kurbonzoda
GRC  2013    Konstantinos Kanellis
VNM  2013    Le Viet Thanh Long
TUR  2013    Alperen Yakut
GRC  2013    George Karagkiaouris
DEU  2014    Markus Schmidt
CZE  2014    Ondrej Hubsch
HKG  2012    Dipy O
MKD  2014    Mladen Dimovski
VNM  2013    Trung Dinh
ITA  2012    Marco Natuzzi
SRB  2012    Predrag Ilkic
VNM  2012    Jack Akita
KAZ  2015    Daniyar Maminov
IRN  2013    Hossein Hosseinvand
HKG  2013    Chun Yin Sampson Lee
VNM  2012    VietAnh Do
SRB  2013    Slobodan Ilkic
ITA  2012    Lorenzo Gatto
CHN  2013    Zhizhi Chen
BLR  2012    Vladislav Trukhanovich
MEX  2012    Eric Valdivia
HKG  2015    Yik WaiPan
BLR  2012    Konstantin Vilchevski

The bronze observers with perfect scores are:

Country   Name
DEUStefan Koegel
USAAdrian Nazco
VNMThanhCanh NguyenHuu
BRAFernando Fonseca
VNMGia Huy
YUGFilip Katanic
BGDNahiyan Kamal
VNMQuang PeLe
DOMCarlos Toribio
MEXRodrigo BurgosDominguez
VNMHung Nguyen
YUGIsidora Sekulic
JPNDijkstra Takuma
CHNJianjin Fan

All participants with scores strictly higher than 900 will be automatically promoted to the silver division for future contests.

Final Remarks

Although this contest was quite challenging at all levels, it still managed to produce a reasonable overall distribution of scores. Technical problems were at a minimum this time around -- our new contest platform is finally reaching a stable point, and we should be able to extend it with new and exciting features shortly.

Thanks are due to a number of extremely helpful individuals in setting up this contest. Thanks especially to Mark Gordon for coordinating the gold contest, to Neal Wu, Mark Gordon, Videh Seksaria, Fatih Gelgi, and Kalki Seksaria for contributing problems, and to Mark Gordon, Neal Wu, Richard Peng, Jonathan Paulson, Ray Li, Bruce Merry, and Alex Chen for contributing solutions. As always, if you would like to contribute to USACO contests as well by sending me high-quality problems, please do not hesitate to do so! Thanks also to Chad Waters and the Clemson CCIT staff for their help with our contest infrastructure, to our translators, who help increase the reach of our contests dramatically, and finally to our sponsors, whose support is absolutely crucial and much appreciated: IBM, Usenix, TwoSigma, and Jump Trading.

Happy coding!

- Brian Dean ([email protected])
Director, USA Computing Olympiad