February 2012 Contest -- Final Results

The USACO 2012 February Contest featured algorithmic programming problems covering a wide range of techniques and levels of difficulty. Click here to see the contest problems and solutions.

A total of 950 participants competed, from 63 different countries:

 372 USA  47 CHN  39 IRN  33 VNM  32 ROU  30 GEO  25 BLR  21 RUS
  20 KAZ  19 MEX  19 CAN  17 IDN  17 EST  14 ARM  12 TWN  11 VEN
  11 UKR  11 KOR  11 HKG  11 BGR  11 AUS  10 YUG  10 BGD   9 SRB
   9 DEU   8 TUR   8 LTU   8 ITA   8 GRC   7 TKM   7 POL   7 HRV
   7 CUB   5 ZAF   5 MKD   5 FRA   5 BRA   4 SGP   4 IND   3 TJK
   3 SVN   3 SVK   3 EGY   3 COL   2 SHN   2 PER   2 DOM   2 CZE
   2 AUT   1 SYR   1 SWE   1 QAT   1 PRT   1 NED   1 LVA   1 LBN
   1 GBR   1 ESP   1 DNK   1 DJI   1 BEN   1 AZE   1 ABW

The average participant submitted solutions for 2.4 problems. In total, there were 2231 graded submissions, broken down by language as follows:

   1335 C++
    584 Java
    199 Pascal
     61 C
     52 Python

Gold Division Results

The Gold division had 147 total participants, of whom 100 were pre-college students.

Full Gold Results

Congratulations to our five participants with perfect scores:

Country   Grad   Name Score
USA  2012    Alex Chen1000
RUS  2012    Alex Gordeev1000
BLR  2013    Vlad Podtelkin1000
BLR  2012    Gennady Korotkevich1000
CHN  2012    Martin Token1000

There were three perfect scores in the observer category:

Country   Name Score
POLAdam Karczmarz1000
ZAFBruce Merry1000
DEUThomas Fersch1000

Silver Division Results

[Note: silver results have been re-graded due to a bug in the test data for the 'relocate' problem]

The silver division had 204 total participants, of whom 164 were pre-college students.

Full Silver Results

There were 13 perfect scores in the pre-college group. Congratulations to the following participants for their excellent results!

Country   Grad   Name Score
IDN  2012    Ahmad Zaky1000
ITA  2013    Davide Pallotti1000
RUS  2012    Vlad Chabanenko1000
USA  2014    Douglas Chen1000
HKG  2013    Chun Yin Sampson Lee1000
TWN  2013    Winston Chiang1000
BLR  2012    Konstantin Vilchevski1000
LTU  2013    Vladimir Daglis1000
IRN  2013    Sobhan Miryoosefi1000
GEO  2012    Tornike Gogniashvili1000
TWN  2013    Han-Zhong Wang1000
RUS  2013    Dmitry Gorbunov1000
ROU  2014    Mihai Gheorghe1000

Five participants in the observer category also earned perfect scores:

Country   Name Score
VNMVuduy Duc1000
BGDNahiyan Kamal1000
RUSSergey Vedernikov1000
VNMThanhCanh NguyenHuu1000
BRAGabriel Portal1000

All participants with scores at least 750 will be automatically promoted to the gold division for future contests.

Bronze Division Results

A total of 609 participants competed in the bronze division, 490 of them pre-college students.

Full Bronze Results

Congratulations to the 22 pre-college students and 16 observers with perfect scores! The pre-college bronze winners are:

Country   Grad   Name Score
USA  2013    David Mace1000
EST  2013    Sandra Schumann1000
BLR  2014    Vadim Zakharenko1000
USA  2014    Derek Modzelewski1000
TUR  2014    Emirhan Dogan1000
YUG  2013    Marko Bakovic1000
CAN  2012    Rui Lin1000
RUS  2016    Vlad Makeev1000
CHN  2014    IwfWcf Zhang1000
IRN  2013    Farzad Abdolhoseini1000
SGP  2012    Bernard Teo1000
USA  2013    Abram Sanderson1000
USA  2014    Charles Liu1000
RUS  2012    William Sahakyan1000
TJK  2012    Akramjon Azamov1000
UKR  2012    Oleksandr Driuk1000
USA  2013    Dominic Yurk1000
IRN  2013    Pouya Payandeh1000
USA  2013    Woncheol Jeong1000
RUS  2015    Ekaterina Mukoseeva1000
CAN  2013    Michael Young1000
UKR  2012    Oleksandr Skoryk1000

The bronze observers with perfect scores are:

Country   Name Score
DEUIsatis Schmidt1000
GEOLasha Lakirbaia1000
USALao San1000
CHNJiawei Hua1000
KORJeongWoo Ji1000
AUSBenjamin Roberts1000
CHNJacob Jiang1000
CANWesley May1000
USAFred Code1000
USAJoseph Hedberg1000
VNMTruong Minh Thanh Buu1000
CUBLeandro Castillo1000
CUBAlfonso2 Peterssen1000
BGDMdEnzam Hossain1000
CHNTank Chen1000
CHNChuanshun Yuan1000

All participants with scores at least 750 will be automatically promoted to the silver division for future contests.

Final Remarks

I'm quite happy with the results of this contest. On the technical side, everything seemed to run smoothly. Overall score distributions in all divisions were quite reasonable.

Thanks are due to a number of extremely helpful individuals in setting up this contest. Thanks especially to Neal Wu, Mark Gordon, Fatih Gelgi, Richard Peng, Travis Hance, Bruce Merry, Nathan Pinsker, Ray Li, Ben Cousins, and Alex Chen for helping with problems, solutions, and test data. As always, if you would like to contribute to USACO contests as well by sending me high-quality problems, please do not hesitate to do so! Thanks also to the Clemson CCIT staff for their help with our contest infrastructure, to our translators, who help increase the reach of our contests dramatically, and finally to our sponsors, whose support is absolutely crucial and much appreciated: IBM, Usenix, TwoSigma, and Jump Trading.

Happy coding!

- Brian Dean ([email protected])
Director, USA Computing Olympiad